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Monitor the restoration process on the go!

AlorAir DryEasy APP

AlorAir DryEasy is a restoration app that can control directly or through WiFi to the Smart dehumidifire.
It works on android Phone and iOS phone.

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Quick Start Guide - AlorAir DryEasy APP

Networking Manual For Alor DryEasy App

Connection Modes

Generally, the app can be connected through two options: Direct connection and Wi-Fi connection

Wifi connection

Direct connection

It can be done just the way a phone connects to a wireless home router through 4G cellular.

You can connect the phone directly to the machine with HF network. It should be the priority method.

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Networking Manual for Alorair DryEasy App-1


Networking Manual for Alorair DryEasy App-1


Networking Manual for Alorair DryEasy App-1


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    This is the app you need to gather, create and share smart dehumidification readings on the go.

    Note that the app is compatible with AlorAir Storm LGR Extreme/Storm Pro, Storm Ultra/Storm Elite and Storm SLGR 850C, Storm SLGR 1250X as well as Storm SLGR 1600X. It allows you to conveniently create drying logs right from your phone. The app integrates with the Wi-Fi technology on ALORAIR SLGR 850C and any other dehumidifiers that are AlorAir DRYEASY enabled. It allows you to track restoration projects from wherever you are.

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