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AlorTec LLC, located in Mxxxxxxxxadison, Wisconsin, was established in 1977 to apply advanced heat transfer technologies to residential and commercial markets. AlorTec now also manufactures a line of residential dehumidifiers, which includes the baseaire series of free-standing dehumidifiers and the CoAiro series of whole house ventilating dehumidifiers. AlorTec also offers Unipdry Dry Commercial Dehumidifiers and AlorAir Restoration Equipment for dehumidification, air scrubbing, water extraction, and evaporative drying.

Water Damage Restoration: AlorAir SLGR 850C and SLGR 1250X
Crawlspace/Basement Dehumidification and Ventilation : BaseAire AirWerx55
Commercial dehumidification and Ventilation : Uni-P Pro 120X
Whole house dehumidification and Ventilation: Co-airo XP200

Alorair – it boasts of pioneering technology that has revolutionized the restoration industry. We are home to the SLGR microchannel technology. It is the state-of-art technology that has greatly improved efficiency and performance. The SLGR uses the special air- to- air heat exchange and microchannel condenser technology. It implies that the SLGR dehumidifier is all you need to deal with low humidity conditions.
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BaseAire – the brand offers free-standing dehumidifiers. These are units you can rely on to control moisture. It can be used in the crawl spaces, residential basement, and living spaces. These are top-rated high-performance pieces of equipment that are all energy star rated.
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Unipdry – the brand offers a range of dehumidifiers to choose from. Most of them use the latest heat transfer technology. They are efficient and have improved performance. Our pieces of equipment are suitable for both industrial and commercial applications. At AlorTec, our units are the most economical solutions you can ever get out there.
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Coairo – the brand specializes in whole house ventilation dehumidifier. With this equipment, too much moisture in your house, stores and basements will be a thing of the past. Also, the equipment guarantees you fresh air ventilation and filtration. Besides, the equipment can be integrated with the cooling and heating systems in the home. It ensures that your house remains comfortable all day long. They are all efficient and energy star rated.
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